Coyote A Documentary on Don Edwards, Cowboy Singer

Don Edwards songs rekindle the spirit of the open range, freedom, and a connection to the land in anyone who listens. Following Don Edwards on his journey through the Old West is a reminder of our American roots. His music will relax you, sadden you at times, and change you. It will change you just as it changed Don as a young boy in New Jersey, dreaming about the Old West, and living close to the land. It will put you on the back of a horse or sitting around a campfire from days gone by.

Using interviews and archival footage we explore the question of how, in a time when the hurried hi-tech life reigns supreme, we can sit down, slow down, and take the time to embody the spirit of the cowboy that Don Edward's so amply reflects. And in doing so we seek to rekindle the magic in the myths and histories once found in Classic Westerns.