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"Coyote" A Documentary on Don edwards, cowboy Singer












A singing cowboy's life is documented in his journey through the Old West. Don Edward's music is a serenade to the soul of a different era with its cowboys, longhorns, and a unique understanding of life. Edward's preserves the values and truths of those who built our country and understood the land through his music and his way of life.


                                                                                The Story of Don Edwards


     Don Edward's rendition of the song "Coyote" embodies the spirit of the American West and the need to sit down, slow down, and take a break from the hi-tech treadmill of life. His music puts you in touch with the history and myth of our country, bringing visions of a land connected to nature and animals, one that is quickly fading from popular consciousness. Don's story captures a truly American spirit, and our documentary will explore the rich narritive of his music, his life, and the world it embodies.


 Don Edwards was nominated for A Grammy in 2002 for his collaboration with Peter Rowan for High Lonesome Cowboy and played "Smoky" in Robert Redford's film "The Horse Whisperer." Don is an iconic performer at Cowboy Poetry Music festivals throughout the West, with a strong following. This documentary is for Don's many fans as well as all the folks that have been not able to experience his rich storytelling and music.



                                                                                       Cowboy Music


Join us as we explore the world of Cowboy Music through the songs of Don Edwards, the Cowboy Balladeer. It is important for us to preserve this treasure and not allow it to fade from our memory. What is Cowboy Music you say? Some of you may remember Roy Rogers or Gene Autry singing songs on the back of Trigger or Champion. Yes, that is one form of cowboy music-the kind we relate to when we see a classic Western with outlaws, horses, and the black hat vs. the white hat. The way Don Edwards sings cowboy music puts you in touch with American history in the 1880's when the 'real cowboys; were moving longhorn steers across the land. These cowboys rode their horses (sometimes their best friends) camped under the stars, and ate from a Chuck Wagon. These cowboys were young men looking for work after the civil war eager to experience the open range without four walls to stifle their spirit of adventure. As these drovers moved the longhorns across the land there was always a possibility of a stampede as they moved the herd from Texas along the Chisolm Trail. It's been said the old West died after the worst blizzard on record in 1887. Yet the West is still alive and kicking, living through the music of Don Edwards. Edwards is the real deal, a singing cowboy devoted to old cowboy songs. Prinicipal Photography will begin in Elko, Nevada January of 2015.

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